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​8th & 9th District Delaware Democrats

We, the 8th/9th RD Democrats seek to maintain and improve leadership in government by encouraging participation of all Delawareans in our party. We nominate and support candidates who will promote personal freedom, economic opportunity and efficient government and justice for all.

"It is both an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Delaware."

Bethany Hall-Long, Delaware State-Senator

As Democrats we stand for:
-support of families as the backbone to a healthy society;
-quality education in a technologically changing environment;
-managing our environment in a responsible manner to protect future generations;
-active leadership in economic development and innovation;
-supporting working families and the rights of workers to organize;
-community based sharing of resources for public safety;
-honoring and supporting programs for veterans/military;
-civil and equal rights and protections against discrimination; and
-transparent and open government policies and practices.

We Stand United with Delaware 

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