​Thank you for your interest in the 8th and 9th District Delaware Democrats! We are proud of the powerful community we are a part of and encourage all to get involved as we continue to make a difference across Delaware!

Please visit the "Get Involved" Tab if you are interested in volunteering with the 8th & 9th District Delaware Democrats. 

                           Meet the Executive Boards

8th District:

-Harry Dudlek, Chairman 

                   E-mail: hdudlek@verizon.net

-Vice Chair


-Jim Young; Secretary

                   E-mail: jimmybacon@yahoo.com

- Treasurer  

9th District:

-Dickie Burris; Chairman

​-Abby Betts-Roberts; Vice Chair

               E-mail: Abettsdem@gmail.com




If you have any questions about the organization or would like more information, please contact us using the form below.

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8th & 9th District Delaware Democrats

M.O.T. Jean Birch Senior Center
300 South Scott Street

Middletown, Delaware 19709


​8th & 9th District Delaware Democrats

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